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Thread Ring Gages Set, Sealed & Accredited
Standard ring gages require periodic calibration using thread setting plugs to insure accuracy and quality. Using our special gaging equipment Dwight Calibration and Instrument, LLC can calibrate rings up to 5 1/2"

Thread Plug Gages Calibrated & Accredited
Thread Plugs are calibrated using thread wires and a very accurate bench micrometer. This is commonly referred to as the "three wire method." This offers us the ability to calibrate nearly all externally threaded gages or parts.

NPT L1 Pipe Thread Gages Calibrated & Accredited
Standard NPT pipe threads are calibrated using a master set of NPT rings and plugs. They may also be checked with a taper block setup which includes the use of thread wires and a bench micrometer.

Plain Setting Rings Calibrated & Accredited
Plain rings are calibrated using a versatile hole checking device to check for wear or taper on the ring's surface.

Gage Blocks Calibrated & Accredited
Our gage block calibration system is accurate to within 2 millionths of an inch. We can calibrate square or rectangular gage blocks and any grade or material.

Measuring Wires & Pins Calibrated & Accredited
We calibrate nearly any type of measuring wire or pin. We use either a bench micrometer -- or a lightwave micrometer -- depending on the tolerance of the gage

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  • Plain
  • Reversible
  • Setting
  • NPT
  • Acme


Call 1.800.635.2910, or, in New Jersey, 201.438.3334 and ask to speak to Carolyn Howe. And don't forget that Dwight Calibration and Instrument, LLC can supply you with new products: gages, gage blocks, thread plugs, plain plugs, ring gages, setting rings, and setting disks.